Create a widget

Widgets are small info panels you can have in your home screen:

To create one in Android 4.0 or superior go to the Widgets tab next to the applications one.
In previous Android versions go to HOME window -> Menu button -> Widgets.

In both cases look for UK Weather widgets. There are 3 different ones:

  • 2x1 widget: Is the smallest one that can show weather forecast for one location.
  • 4x1 widget: It's a bigger one that fills a typical phone's width. It can show forecast for the next 15 hours or next five days.
  • 4x2 clock widget: It combines a clock with a location forecast.

Once you have selected the type of widget you want a configuration window will appear:

Here you can configure:

  • To use always your current location (location change as you move) or enter one manually.
  • Weather information to show (current weather, overall day, next hours, next days).
  • Select between different icon themes for weather symbols.
  • Configure the background colour and transparency.

Once created, you will see the widget in your home screen, and it will update by itself every hour (that's the default time but you can change it in application settings).

But if at any moment you want, you can update manually the widget pressing on a little reload button that is at the top right except for the clock widget that is at the bottom left.

Change configuration of created widget

Once you have created a widget you can change it's configuration pressing on it and going to Settings menu option -> Widget (in the Forecasts window).

In the settings window you will also found Background data loading settings that you can use to configure widget update time.