Maps are based on Google maps and you can use in the same way, moving around and zooming in/out using your finger gestures or provided zoom controls.

When you open map window you start with rain radar centred at your location at a medium zoom level:

Select layer

Using the button you can alternate between several layers that are classified as surface ones or locations ones (an icon for location is show in map):

Navigate in time

In the bottom bar you have the navigation options:

If you press on current showed time (TODAY 08:30 in the screenshot) you will see a list of all time steps.

You can also move in time with the Previous and Next actions (the arrows) and also animate with Play.

Don't forget to use the more actions or menu button if you don't see all the above actions.

Other actions

There are also some other interesting actions that normally aren't directly visible if you are not using a big device like a tablet:
  • Refresh action: It forces a refresh on map's loaded information
  • Show satellite: It shows satellite view in Google Maps. Very useful to examine cloud layers because it offer more contrast.
  • Legend: It shows a legend on the current displayed layer (only available in some layers).
  • Go to current location: It centres the map at your current location